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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mark Green is a traitor

Everyone else seems to be dressing this up in puns:
Green’s year-end 2005 campaign finance report shows he collected $845 from a salesman for the Hayward, California-based Pacific Cheese Company. The company is among several featured on the Real California Cheese web site, and boasts being the “leading supplier of high-quality natural cheese in the western United States.”

Wisconsin lost its decades-long title as the nation’s #1 dairy state in the 1990s to California, and to rub it in Sunshine State cheese makers frequently run talking-cow television ads to push their product here.

In a state that once banned the sale of margarine, should this guy really be taking money from California cheese makers if he wants to become Wisconsin’s next governor?
But, you know, I take my cheese seriously. Very seriously.

This is giving aid and comfort to the enemy, Mr. Green. Aid. And. Comfort.

(Via Jim McGuigan)

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