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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bill for Wisconsin

I'm going to talk about Spivak and Bice again . . . but this time, for doing what they usually do, which is report the political gossip. They're blogging that almost-ex-weatherman Jim Ott is considering a run for the 23rd Assembly District, currently held by the retiring Curt Gielow. Ott would be running as a Republican; the Spice Boys also say that Mequon Alderman John Wirth is also considering a run for the seat for the GOP.

What the Spiced Ones don't mention is that there is already an announced candidate for the Democratic slot on the ballot--my friend and former Bryan Kennedy campaign manager Bill Elliot. The website isn't much now, but, hey, he seems at least to be ahead of the two Republicans in that regard.

I've added Bill to the "folkbum-endorsed" section of the sidbar. Bill's been endorsed by the United Food and Commercial Workers union, as well. For more, you can email his campaign at

In other sidebar candidate news, I stumbled across the blog--not recently updated, though--of first CD candidate Dr. Jeff Thomas; I've added that to the "Candiblogs" section, which, until now, only had Pat Kreitlow. If you are or know of a Democratic candidate for state or federal office with a blog, let me know, and I'll add you to the list, too!

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