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Monday, April 10, 2006

Fraley does a McBride

I'm not sure if he will take that as a compliment . . .

Anyway, here's the story on Milwaukee County Board Chair Lee Holloway's ethics hearing today:
Holloway ethics case trimmed
60 charges against county official dismissed

Two-thirds of about 90 non-criminal ethics charges against Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway were dismissed Monday by a hearing examiner.

That still leaves about 30 of the more serious counts intact, including allegations that Holloway had a conflict of interest in voting for county funding for a local social service agency that paid Holloway some $165,000 in a never-consummated property deal.
Brian Fraley re-writes the headline: "Holloway Still Faces Dozens of Ethics Charges"

Reminds me of Jessica McBride's attempt to re-write the story of how Wisconsinites voted to start bringing home the troops from Iraq sooner rather than later:
More voters in 30 Wisconsin communities voted Tuesday to stay the course in Iraq than wanted the troops to withdraw. It was purely a symbolic message, but a heartfelt one.
She neglected to mention that there were 33 ballot questions that day.

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