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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday Linky Goodness

It's final exam week, so things might be a little slow around here . . . But, to keep you busy:

• The FEC voted to adopt the rules I wrote about last Friday. Unless Congress goes and does something stuipid (I know, I know), we should be all set for the 2006 election season.

• Sometimes I think Max Power, at the Wisconion, is a little shrill, but this was really funny--and right on target.

• In the gov's race news, we had Green's predictible "cheap campaign pledge" stunt--it happens in 100% of high profile races with one person at a money disadvantage, so don't let them tell you how innovative or courageous the move is. Seth has an excellent take on what Scott Walker will be looking at in the next couple of years.

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