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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Things there is still time to do

1. Your taxes.

2. Vote for me in the preliminary round of Koufax Award voting for "Best State or Local Blogger." Click that link, scroll (waaaaaay) down, and type folkbum's rambles and rants in the comment box. I'm losing pretty badly to people from more populous places. I bet even my conservative readers would be happy to see some Badger State representation among the finalists, right? So go vote! Thanks to all who voted! I don't think I was last place, exactly, but I'm not hopeful I'll make the finals.

3. Register for the WisOpinion/ WisPolitics First Annual Blog Summit. Your humble folkbum will be among the panelists. (An aside: What does one wear to a conference about blogging? Assuming no pajamas, of course . . .)

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