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Monday, March 20, 2006


I announce, with trembling pleasure, the arrival of . . . something . . .

Well, okay, it's just I kind of wish I'd had my stuff together enough to announce this at Saturday's BlogFest.

Right now it is not much, but my friend Scott Feldstein is hosting the prototype. What I'm hoping is that all of us, whoever we are and whatever we blog about, can use as a hub for all the haps in Wisconsin blogs.

But the site is completely in flux, and I would like to see its growth happen kind of naturally and organically. I'm looking for your input, as my fellow Wisconsin bloggers. If you or anyone you know might want to get involved, we'll need creative people, technical people, and plenty of other kinds of people. The comments section below is for you and whatever you might have to contribute.

That is not to say that I don't have my own ideas, though. Here's some of what I was thinking:
  • Forums. There's some free open source stuff Scott and I have looked at that we'll try to have going just as soon as we have clever logos and whatnot (hint, hint).
  • I'd like to see RSS feeds from Wisconsin bloggers. And I'm not just talking about political bloggers, either; one thing Scott and I talked about after the BlogFest was how the event was only about political blogs. I would like to see all categories represented here--politics (in left, right, center categories) as well as arts, religion, sports, family, (pop) culture, beer, and so on. That would require some kind of code that would allow people to submit their RSS feeds, list their blog addresses, and categorize themselves.
  • News feeds from major and minor news outlets; I think you can snag Google news feeds for certain search terms (like "Wisconsin"), but if there were a way to keep up with what daily and weekly papers are talking about, that would be better.
  • A user-created calendar of events, so anyone doing or promoting anything can post it. I'm guessing some off-the-shelf software exists for that, too.
More ideas will come to me, I'm sure, as they will come to you. Just let me know.

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