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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Senator Fitzgerald demands more money to tackle schools crisis

Is Republican state senator Scott Fitzgerald coming around to the WEAC point of view? From his press release yesterday:
"Governor Doyle and the legislators who applauded his decision to add to the school system's dangerous overcrowding need to look themselves in the mirror and ask if they're really doing what's best for Wisconsin," Fitzgerald said. "We're at a crisis point in our educational system and if we don't do something soon, it's only going to get worse."

Yesterday, teachers at the Kettle Morraine School District rallied to protest a series of incidents. [. . .] Fitzgerald says serious action needs to be taken to address the problem.

"How many more teachers need to be overworked or driven out of the system before the Doyle administration recognizes that school overcrowding is a serious problem and takes action?" Fitzgerald said. "Refusing to consider building a new school or sending students away is madness. We've got a ticking time bomb in our school system that's waiting to explode, and failing to tackle it head-on isn't going to do anything but make the situation worse."
Oh, wait. My bad.

This press release isn't about schools, it's about prisons.

Apparently, prisons and their guards are more important to Fitzgerald than schools and the state's children; as co-chair of the Joint Finance Committee, Fitzgerald bears a lot of the responsibility for the Republican budget that would have shut down schools (like Florence County), caused layoffs and further crowded classrooms, and undermined the ability of districts to maintain their infrastructure. Thankfully, Governor Doyle was able to find the funds elsewhere in the budget to keep most of that from happening.

But, admit it, I had you going, didn't I?

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