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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Unhinged, Violent—Anti-Recall Scott Walker Illegals Need Lesson in Civics

Jeff Karnitz, the guy who got arrested for
defacing recall petitions in December
Too many Republicans frustrated with their inability to persuade fellow citizens NOT to recall Scott Walker are becoming "unhinged."

The next graf here would naturally call on responsible Republican officials to issue a statement acclaiming Article XIII, Section 12 of the Wisconsin Constitution, enshrining the right of Wisconsin citizens to throw the bums out when deemed appropriate.

But it hardly seems fair to single out Republican officials when the Wisconsin Democratic Party officials such as Graeme Zielinski, spokesperson of sorts, incomprehensibly, refuses to defend the rights of Wisconsin families who now are routinely being harassed, attacked, and assaulted by Wisconsinites who apparently dislike Article XIII, Section 12; though their champion, Scott Walker, used to love Recall.

See Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Was for Recalls Before He Was Against Them.

It's clear the anti-recall punks using intimidation really are not all that passionate about their constitutional interpretation of Article XIII, Section 12. I think instead they are potentially dangerous, and certainly undemocratic.

Almost every day, there is another story about intimidation and violation of civil rights that we of every political stripe should be defending.

Tony Galli of WKOW TV has been following a story of one unhinged man, Kevin Stoll of Hartland, phoning pro-recall women late at night, causing at least one to contact police. “It’s 10:30 at night and there’s apparently somebody who knows where you live. It’s just a very unnerving and frightening feeling,” said Michelle who was phoned repeatedly by Stoll.

Check this video below. In any event, if you want to recall Scott Walker: Go for it. And if you don't want to recall Scott Walker: Then don't, but intimidation and harassment are not the methods you should employ. And Graeme Zielinski: Get off your ass.

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