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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The next-to-last post

(I'm not quitting, per se; tomorrow, I will post some information about where you can find--or avoid--my writing from here on out.)

by folkbum

When I was in high school, back in nineteen-somethingy-something, my junior English teacher, Mrs. Harding, insisted I needed a bigger venue for my wit and wisdom than, say, high school. A TV show, she suggested, no--a TV network. In retrospect, of course, I'm sure a lot of that was some of the same kind of head-patting that I do now as a junior English teacher myself. But I don't think she or I or much of anyone in nineteen-somethingy-something anticipated the wide-open frontier that would be blogging in 2003.

Which is, if you can believe it, when I started this thing: almost nine years ago, which is something like 963 in blog years.

Mrs. Harding, I think, was kind of right. Because of this blog I did end up on TV, several times (national and local); I've been published in the local paper, a local-er paper, local and national magazines, even a real book.

No I never ended up pulling a sweet salary at some think tank or other, and I never gradumated to Real Punditry or anything. Turns out, I like doing the English teacher thing, as Mrs. Harding taught me to do, better.

So this is it. No long, rambly reflection, just a simple see you later, someplace else.

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