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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shorter Christian Schneider, NRO, WPRI, WTFDUDE?

by folkbum
Vote fraud is just like rape--underreported.
Paraphrasing Illusory Tenant there, citing the Brawler, and via Jonathan Bernstein, who reads "The Corner" so you don't have to.

Schneider's post does double-duty, both legitimizing GOP racism and sticking it in the eye of feminists. I bet he gets paid more for that. And it's also very exhausting to think that I've been fighting Schneider on his "vote fraud" BS for as long as I have. The boy just won't quit.

I'm thinking this could be a thing, you know a trending twitter topic, something like
#ChrstianSchneiderThinks vote fraud is just like rape--underreported.
#ChrstianSchneiderThinks vote fraud is just like bigfoot--hiding in the woods.
#ChrstianSchneiderThinks vote fraud is just like Area 51--real but blurred off of Google Earth.
#ChrstianSchneiderThinks vote fraud is just like Kenny G--everybody likes him but just won't admit it.
Or maybe
#ChrstianSchneiderThinks the McRib is just like rape--everybody's asking for it.
Now you--I'm sure you've got better ones.

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