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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Support the Vets

by folkbum

Earlier this month, I got an email from somebody, now long deleted and relegated to the dustbin of electrons and neurons, about Guitars for Vets. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but at last night's Peter Mulvey show, the group had a table and literature and swag.

The idea is that getting guitars into the hands of veterans, and teaching them how to play, helps their recovery. The group was started by a Vietnam veteran here in Milwaukee through the Milwaukee VA, and with the help of donors and volunteers has spread to other cities and is likely to keep growing.

If the economic circumstances of my household were different, I would be giving more than just my support here on the blog. But you can donate online here, or buy some of their swag for yourself.

Bonus YouTube: No one has yet uploaded anything from the Pabst last night, but here's one from this past spring at the Cafe Carpe. Not only was I at this show, too, that's my fat head in the bottom left of your screen:

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