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Friday, October 02, 2009

Posts I shouldn't have to write

by folkbum

Every two years, dozens of cities submit applications to host the summer or winter Olympic games, and when all but one are rejected, life goes on as normal in those countries. Duh.

Olympics, 2
The IOC rejected the leftist, activist, union-thug supported brown guy and instead embraced the leftist, activist, union-thug supported brown guy.

Olympics, 3
I would like to retroactively blame George W. Bush for making us lose the 2012 winter summer games in 2005 because the world hated him and he ruined our reputation. Also.

David Letterman
He had sex with underlings? Really? In other news, dog bites man.

Roman Polanski
It shouldn't matter if he was convicted of rape, "rape-rape," or running a stop sign. He fled his sentence; he should have been brought back long ago.

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