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Monday, October 12, 2009

Doing my job for me

by folkbum

I was going to post a hypothetical this morning, running something along these lines.

Imagine, I would start, if this article from today's paper were a little different, and instead of firefighters protesting budget cuts in their red union shirts, you has AFSCME protesting budget cuts in their green union shirts. What kind of reaction, I would have asked, you be getting from the usual suspects? (photo by Michael Sears of the MJS)

The joke, there, would be that the right-wing bloggers and pundits all hate government union thugs and think they should have their pay and benefits and workforce slashed, except for those government union thugs that they like and think ought to be given everything they ask for.

The sad--or happy, since it makes my job easier--thing is that I don't need to make it a hypothetical at all, since the oblivious tools at BadgerBlogger have demonstrated, in two consecutive posts yesterday, no less, exactly this joke. They even managed to get a picture of AFSCME workers in their green union gear. Perfect!

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