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Friday, December 21, 2007

McIlheran: Helping Rape Victims is Bad for the Environment

by folkbum

Maybe it was a failed attempt at snark, maybe Patrick McIlheran really believes this deep down in the cockles of his being, I don't know. But in the two-plus years I've been doing the McIlheran Watch, this is perhaps the most offensive thing I have read from the guy:
Plan B amounts to an extra-large dose of contraceptive drugs. If people worry about trace amounts of endocrine-disrupting chemicals in water, Plan B ought to be at least a little worrying, given that endocrine disruption is what it's all about.
Oh, I'm sorry that you just got raped, dear, and that you may be carrying the spawn of that son of a bitch, but we can't help you because of those wacky environmentalists.

I am almost physically ill.

For more, see capper, Michael, and Kay. UPDATE: Emily Mills makes a good point in comments below, and elaborates at her own place.

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