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Thursday, December 20, 2007

He'll Be Back

By Keith Schmitz

A few years ago Esquire in their Dubious Achievement Awards named Arnold Schwarzengger the "worst new Kennedy."

Now it looks like the family has rubbed off on Ahnold.

The EPA has rejected tough auto emission standards set by California and 15 other states and Conan is fighting back. "Anything less than aggressive action on the greatest environmental threat of all time is inexcusable," he said.
Though a recent bill is looking to increase mileage standards by 2020, the California standards are much more aggressive. Of course in the Bush administration we all know who comes first.

But that isn't stopping the Governator. Schwarzenegger plans to sue the federal government over its decision not to allow the California plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, he announced Thursday.

This of course makes Arnold the biggest RINO, but RINOs do have a trait of charging when provoked as Bush will soon find out.

So much for the protection in the Environmental Protection Agency.

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