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Monday, June 25, 2007

Some Monday Links

by folkbum

I've been collecting links in open tabs for a while now, and, as long as the Stone Creek is willing to give me WiFi, I thought I'd slap them all into a post and let you know what I think you should be reading.
  • Tim Schilke writes more in-depth about the horror that Paul Hill Days will bring to this community. And asks what kind of message the organizers really want children to take away from the events.

  • Credit where credit is due: Jessica McBride has turned the comments on.

  • I've been enjoying the new Safari 3.0 public beta. It plays nice with Blogger (finally!), has a much cooler integrated search function and greater tab functionality--and the resizable text boxes just plain rock. You can download it for Mac or Windows here.

  • Seth at In Effect is, as always, your best source of analysis on the Senate Dems' health care proposal. There seems to be a lot to like for reasonable people, and to hate for the crowd that hates these sorts of things. And, while we're at it, the indispensible WisPolitcs Budget Blog is tracking pol reaction.

  • I was going to do a snarky post about this, but Mike Plaisted beat me to it.

  • Here's a different take on the Fariness Doctrine, via Tim Rock

  • Digby: "This is exactly the kind of manipulation that is made possible by a weak and stupid president." Well, we get what we pay for. Along those lines, there's serious speculation about the "liberal" Washington Post holding and softening their Cheney series. (Oh, and here's the transcript of digby's speech accepting the Paul Wellstone Award.)

  • Bush Administration Official: "Not everything we've done is illegal." Why isn't this all over the front pages?

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