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Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Random Ten

The Long and Short of It Edition
  1. "Short Work" Kris Delmhorst, Songs for a Hurricane
  2. "Come a Long Way" Michelle Shocked, Mercury Poise
  3. "Long Road" Patty Griffin, 1000 Kisses
  4. "Long & Desperate Day" Bill Camplin (as Doët), Love Songs and Other Trios
  5. "It's a Long Way Home" Jennifer Kimball, Veering from the Wave
  6. "This Long" Carrie Newcomer, My True Name
  7. "Long Way to Go" Disappear Fear, Live at the Bottom Line
  8. "The Long Goodbye" Cliff Eberhardt, Borders
  9. "Just How Long" Kate McDonnell, Next
  10. "Short Ode (Stephen Vincent Benet)" Andrew Calhoun

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