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Monday, June 11, 2007

Blogging Summit this Friday

by folkbum

UPDATE (see further update below): Lefty Cory Liebmann will be panelizing, too. He and Mathias should be able to take on all four righties . . .

Only one of us "rolodex bloggers" was invited, and it wasn't me. As Ken Mobile points out, only one liberal political blogger was invited overall. (I'm guessing Pete Prodoehl and I would find common ideological ground--he likes Ted Leo--but he's not a political blogger, really.)

Most disappointing is that the summit is scheduled for a weekday, which I believe will limit participation among those of us who can't just up and miss work for a day. I guess I won't be seeing any of you there.

UPDATE II: Stacy, the Cantankerous one, adds in the comments below:
As one of the people who helped to put this thing together I want it to be known that WTMJ had absolutely no say in who the panelists would be. Those decisions were left completely up to Sean.

So, to use the panelists as evidence of a kind of intention that "Journal" or "WTMJ" may or may not have is not just misleading, it's plain false. [. . .]

The reason it's on a weekday is because we can't open the studio to the public on a weekend. There aren't enough staff members around to make sure that no one gets lost or ends up somewhere they shouldn't be. I realize this is an inconvenience for some of you, and for that I apologize.

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