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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How well does Dannecker know his district?

by folkbum

Joe Dannecker has represented the 8th district on the Milwaukee Board of School Directors for eight years. This is his third campaign for the seat. And today, when I got home from a hard day of protecting our nation's youth from the plagues of ignorance, I had a little present from him.

An email I got a few weeks back described this particular piece of literature, and its delivery before the primary:
Joe Dannecker showed up at my door tonight. His opening line? "Sorry to show up like this." He handed me a flyer, which lauded his support for banning cell phones at MPS (which, as Terry has pointed out, had already been done, but never enforced). It also lauded Dannecker for his support for several MPS schools, including "Ronald Regan" (sic). Apparently, school board members are not subject to the same spelling and history standards as MPS students. The flyer also failed to include any contact information, so someone had scrawled a telephone number in magic marker next to poor Joe's name.
Here's a telling piece of the one I got today:

Dannecker FlyerAnd, indeed, there was no information on how to contact the sitting board member. Residents of the district--particularly Joe's neighbors in Bay View--might also wonder where, for example, Bay View High School is on that list.

So, how well does Joe Dannecker know his district?

(And, yes, I've sold my soul to Terry Falk and everything.)

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