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Monday, April 05, 2004

Doing My Part

Many alert bloggers are promoting various and sundry new Googlebombs, and I figure I should help as much as I can.

First off, an important one I found through Julia at TAS: It seems that the first hit on Google for the word Jew is some hate-filled anti-semitic site. I just wrapped up a unit on the literature of Jews and the Holocaust, and I would hate to think what would happen if a student of mine Googled Jew and got a site that was not about Jews but about hating Jews.

Next up is the web-wide Air America project, where we want to make sure Googlers know that Air America is not some bad Mel Gibson movie, nor is Air America something about paintball. Air America is good old-fashioned liberal radio!

There's word that conservatives are still trying to link miserable failure with Michael Moore. I'm not Moore's biggest fan, but we all know who the real miserable failure is, don't we? The miserable failure I'm thinking of lives in a big white house and likes to hear his miserable failure self smirk.

Finally, given the flap around Kos (of Daily Kos) and his recent comments--summarized well here by Matt Stoller of Blogging of the President--I think I'll start a new one: patriot. Kos is a veteran, which certainly qualifies him for patriot status. Kos is also concerned about the state of our democracy, which makes him a patriot. The patriots who are always asking us to support our troops should think Kos is a patriot, too, since it was very patriotic of Kos to question why mercenaries' deaths rate more outrage than the death of real patriots, our American soldiers, more than 600 of whom have patriotically died for our country in the current fighting. What say you? Shall we make Kos a patriot?

Update: Fresburger tipped me off to another good one: Intelligent Design. Some of you may know that I wrote a little bit about Intelligent Design at OSP a while back. The proponents of Intelligent Design keep trying to claim that they're promoting a real "science," but Intelligent Design is nothing but warmed-over creationist pablum. By the way, I never announced it, but I have linked to The Panda's Thumb, written by actual scientists who spend a great deal of their time de-bunking Intelligent Design. Check them out.

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