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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Will SCOTUS Say This Is OK?

by capper

Many on the right side of the blogoshpere are eagerly anticipating the much expected ruling from the Supreme Court of the United States regarding a gun ban in Washington, D.C.

Given the recent rulings of this court, I personally don't have much hope for common sense to prevail. But I do find it ironic that on the day the right might be celebrating the re-affirmation that they can carry their precious handguns (in D.C. anyway), there are many people in Kentucky that will be mourning their loved ones killed by someone taking advantage of a similar law. And make no mistake, the killer's access to a gun was approved. From the article (emphasis mine):
Nevels said family members told detectives that Higdon kept a .45-caliber pistol in his car almost all the time, which is permissible in Kentucky.

I can't imagine how someone could defend this, as the reason for the murdering rampage was that he had to wear safety goggles and not talk on his cell phone while working-common rules in most factories.

I'm just waiting for similar stories to come out of Florida as well.

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