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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama/ ???-UPDATED with random speculation!

by folkbum

Share your veep thoughts. And let me just say: It's times like this that make me curse Jennifer Granholm's parents for being so ... Canadian. (No offense, Tom.)

Updated thoughts. Some people are suggesting Wes Clark or Bill Richardson. I like both of those guys in theory, but neither has proven to be good campaigners. Not just because they lost, but because both made some pretty inept mistakes in their runs for the White House.

And Colin Powell: Forever damaged with the stain of Bush. I mean, the jiu jitsu it would take from the GOP to show Powell at the U.N. with his vial of baking soda--the deal-breaker, if you asked me--would be massively entertaining to watch. But, no.

If I may suggest a dark horse? Tammy Baldwin. Discuss.

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