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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Less Than Super Superintendent

by capper

Ron Malone needs to be given his walking papers. It's that simple really.

Ron Malone is the superintendent of the Milwaukee County House of Correction (HOC). Over the past year, we have seen numerous inmates that have escaped from custody.

We have seen good correction officers being scapegoated for an inmate's escape, even though they don't know if he really escaped.

Malone has shown that he doesn't even know what the policies are at his facility regarding late nights. In fact, Malone, as superintendent would have to approve of any decisions regarding grievances, but denied ever seeing the grievances regarding the late nights.

There was an inmate that died from a drug overdose, which stemmed from the consequences of the facility being short staffed.

There have also been audits that have shown the HOC to be in terrible shape regarding security, morale, and overall policy.

Things were bad enough that County Executive Scott Walker had threatened to fire Malone if things didn't turn around in a few months.

Now, in the last day, we see that there has been an ongoing investigation into reports that ranking officers were sexually harassing female employees. From what I understand, the report does not cover the whole story, and that there are people being investigated who go above and beyond just the two lieutenants, and that the investigations have been going on for at least a couple of months. One would think that complaints this expansive and serious in nature, involving some of his higher ranked employees would have caught his attention. One might think that, but that doesn't appear to be the case:

Meantime, House of Correction Superintendent Ron Malone would not go on camera Wednesday night but tells TMJ4 he takes this very seriously.

He couldn't tell us without going back through the records, if there is an investigation.
He does, however plan to take a closer look at this Thursday and promised to follow up.
Malone is either trying, and failing, to cover up a whole mess of problems that he is fully aware of, or he is just plainly incompetent and/or obtuse to what is going on in his facility. Either way, he hasn't shown that he is deserving of the role as superintendent.

Fortunately, some of the members of the county board have enough sense to put a halt to rubber stamping his re-appointment as superintendent, and have referred his appointment to be sent back to committee for further review. Hopefully, they will get it right this time and not agree to his re-appointment to this position.

I won't even rip on Scott Walker for this one either. I doubt if he was aware of the investigations. He's been too busy running for governor promoting Milwaukee County on his bike ride.

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