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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Transit Fare Hike Rebate--In Pizza Form

by folkbum

This hit the inbox this morning:
Hi, everyone! I just wanted to invite you all to an event we're holding that I think you'll be really supportive of. The event is the Official kick-off of "Walker Rebate Wednesdays."

As you might deduct on your own from the title, we want to give a little something back to public transit riders. On Wednesdays at Transfer we will be starting a new special...20% discounts to any customer that arrives by bus (just show your bus transfer ticket or bus pass). We are also offering the discount to bike riders.

To get things started in grand fashion, we will have a bit of a celebration on Wednesday, June 25 at 7 addition to the discount, we hope to have some special guests, music entertainment and giveaways that night. We will be inviting groups that are "pro-public transit" and bike-friendly to visit or dine with us that opening night and are looking for a nice turnout. Please spread the word if you feel so inclined. Thank you!

- Penny Rossetto, owner
Transfer Pizzeria & cafe
101 W. Mitchell St.
I've only eaten at the Transfer once, but it was excellent pizza. They have a limited menu of non-pizza things should you be inclinced. But it's a really nice spot and easy to get to by bus from just about anywhere in the city.

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