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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Thumbs

Another in a series wherein I express my approval or disapproval concerning news of the week, happenings, or other trivia through a cute graphic, rather than with my usual long, hard-to-follow, and humorless rants and rambling.

thumbs downThumbs down to Fred Kessler. I like the guy, but his gift-card tax is a stupid idea.

thumbs upThumbs up to ClearChannel, the media giant that decided that maybe there is a market in Madison for explicitly liberal radio. (And all you conservatives were so sure it was dead.)

thumbs downThumbs down to Judge Annette Ziegler. You'd think I was being hard enough on her already, but she apparently doesn't know simple campaign techniques. And she hasn't entered our contest yet.

thumbs upThumbs up to the Brew City Brawler, for showing us all how your local daily buries the lead--and makes you believe that which isn't true.

thumbs upThumbs up to me; I don't remember exactly what I wrote, but I don't think they edited it too much.

thumbs downThumbs down to stifling information that makes you look bad. That list is bad enough, but Jonathan Singer and Gretchen Schuldt can both find things to add.

thumbs upThumbs up to Milwaukee County's unions. They at least know how to play the game so that everyone wins, even if some others we could name would rather pick up their toys and go home.

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