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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Real Debate Wisconsin Money Quote

As long as we're blaming Mike Mathias for things, I've decided I want to start a new feature. Mathias has the "Boots and Sabers Money Quote" (most recent edition here), which he describes as "an occasional feature of Pundit Nation highlighting the high-minded intellectualism among the visitors leaving comments at" the conservative Wisconsin blog Boots and Sabers.

Knowing, of course, that good writers borrow while great writers steal, I decided to steal the idea and inaugurate my series in the same vein with the conservative Wisconsin blog Real Debate Wisconsin (there are two things wrong with that name; any guesses?). Just to be clear, I'm not nutpicking. I will be fully identifying who actually said it, rather than blaming the blog's proprietor for the vacuity of his commenters.

That is, unless the comment in question was left by the proprietor himself. Our first RDWMQ:
realdebate said...
Keep drawing lines boys.

You say it is bad that we look in on people who want to kill us, and make excuses for llistening into a foriegn Princess.

I don't care about the law, I'm talking right and wrong.

You guys will go to any legth to defend your boy and ignore reality.

11:00 AM
"realdebate" is the blog's owner and lead writer, Fred Dooley. Fred, it is good to finally learn, doesn't care about the law. Who's ignoring reality?

To be fair, I have a second-place finisher among the high-minded comments from RDW. The "Miss Congeniality," if you will, of our first RDWMQ:
RoseIndigo said...
We went after Saddam because he was the weakest link in the chain in that part of the world. And everyone seems to forget that Gulf War I never did have an end. There was simply a cease fire with conditions that Saddam was to have met, and which he never did meet and defied for 12 years. He was given plenty of time. Instead he played his cards like a bully, and so Bush Jr. simply finished the war his father had not finished because his father had promised the U.N. to leave as soon as Saddam was out of Kuwait. Bush Sr. kept his word. That's what one gets for listening to the U.N. Everyone knew it had to be finished sooner or later anyway.

Terrorism would have grown with or without this war, because the militant Islamic world is on a roll what with their oil prices and the fact that they never did get over getting kicked out of Europe in the middle ages. They are fanatics and will continue to test us. The only response is one I've said should have been done from the very beginning.

TURN THE WHOLE AREA INTO A SHEET OF GLASS!!! Mr. Bush began with the right intentions, but he was sidelined by the politically correct elements in this country, and that is no way to win a war. Until we do what we need to do we will have trouble in that part of the world which will lead to WWIII, sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.

This is all a repeat of the time before WWII when everyone thought appeasement was the way to go. All appeasement does is encourage the enemy to become worse, because tyranny works like that. It always has, always will.

2:09 PM
I quoted the whole thing because it left me speechless. Just . . . speechless.

Until next time.

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