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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday Thumbs

Thursday Thumbs is a new regular feature wherein I express my approval or disapproval concerning news of the week, happenings, or other trivia through a cute graphic, rather than with my usual long, hard-to-follow, and humorless rants and rambling. Today's edition is the inaugural one. Be nice.

thumbs upThumbs up to going back to grad school. Scott's time will get tighter, but it will be well worth it in the end.

thumbs downThumbs down to AirTran. Midwest Airlines has something special about it, and it isn't AirTran's dirty airplanes and cramped seats.

thumbs upThumbs up to Mel Gibson. Yes, he's crazy, but at least he's able to own his insanity.

thumbs downThumbs down to Michael McGee, Jr. He can't seem to own his insanity.

thumbs upThumbs up to the McIlheran Watch growing ever wider. I'm telling you, he's a tricky one.

thumbs downThumbs down to everyone who over-hyped the "spying on Di" story.

thumbs upThumbs up to a swift recovery for Tim Johnson. Our thoughts are with him and his family.

thumbs downThumbs down to everyone waiting for Johnson to die. Really, FOX, that's low even for you.

thumbs upThumbs up to Dean, for crossing enemy lines.

thumbs downThumbs down to No Child Left Behind, which seems to be falling apart all over.

thumbs downThumbs down to Peter Pochowski, who said, "he estimates 25% to 30% of local teens are carrying" cell phones. That's about 70% to 75% off from reality.

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