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Friday, December 22, 2006

A Photoshop Contest!

We all had a good larf at Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate Annette Ziegler this week. I won't rehash the story, but let's just say she made a rookie photoshopping mistake and opened herself up to exactly the kind of criticism and ridicule we bloggers are so good at. She's long since fixed the error of her ways, but the idea is out there, and, well, taking on a life of its own. Yesterday I saw this . . .
Lunar Base Justice Center. . . and I nearly died of laughter. That's Aaron at Subject to Change going for, as he calls it, "the gusto."

So I real quick did a little work of my own, and came up with this one, of Judge Ziegler keeping the peace in Bagdhad:
Green Zone Justice Center

Aaron and I did a bit of emailing late last night and decided this was too much fun to keep to ourselves, so, we're having a contest. You, too can grab this photo . . .
. . . and do your best. The contest deadline is 12/31/06, so you have a few days to think of a doozy and knock it out. I will post all submissions, and Aaron and I will pick a winner. The prize is the opportunity to do a podcast with me and Aaron on Aaron's podcast. The only reqirement, I think, is to keep the photos PG-rated. I don't run that kind of blog, 'kay?

You can email your submissions (in GIF or JPG format) to me. Have fun, be creative, and, most of all, don't send me any cease and desist letters, Judge Ziegler, please please please.

UPDATE: Just a reminder, the soon-retiring Carrie Lynch of What's Left got the scoop on the picture problems originally. But Madison TV station WKOW ran the story yesterday with nary a mention that the blogs scooped them. On the bright side, it might make for a more exciting contest!

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