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Thursday, December 07, 2006

And the Republicans?

Big article in the paper today: "Wisconsin Democrats split on assessment of Iraq war: Some say it's more of the same; others applaud findings." The story details how different people have different reactions to the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group's report. That, of course, means a "split."

Because, apparently, nothing makes for a good story quite so much as the "Democrats are in disarray" storyline, and its corollary, "Democrats have no plan." See, for example, every news story about Democrats for the last, oh, six years. The crap in the press lately about Nancy Pelosi, in particular, is symptomatic of exactly that frame of mind. (Read Greenwald.)

So my question: What about the Republicans? Where's our news story on them, and their reactions? I mean, I realize that starting next month, the Wisconsin Republican delegation will be a mere three (compared to Dems' seven), but they're not invisible or in hiding. Wouldn't we all like to know whether they agree with the panel's findings that the current situation in Iraq is grim, or with any of the panel's bazillion recommendations, or even with each other? Or is a story about possible dissent in the ranks of Republicans not newsworthy? Even raising the question about why none of those three Republicans have even issued statements at all (as of this morning) would be better than nothing.

Relatedly, Russ Feingold's not running for president, and it breaks my heart. Tell me how he's wrong in his assessment of both Iraq and the ISG.

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