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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Judge Ziegler: Cartoon? New Orleanian? Kiwi?

Well, the news that Judge Annette Ziegler has committed perhaps the most unpardonable sin among conservative bloggers--she hasn't taken any sick days--may indeed have her wishing that this contest was the worst news for her this week.

You have just one more day to get your entries in--this is the last set unless I get some more (hint, hint). So you may as well use the comments here to recommend your favorite. Not that Aaron and I would necessarily listen to you, but you can at least let your favorite photoshoppers know they did well in your eyes."New Zealand" by contest co-sponsor Aaron; "Flintstones" by me; "Justice League" by Casper; and "Katrina" by Puba. Hey, Mark Graul--still waiting on your entry!

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