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Monday, September 11, 2006

McIlheran Watch: And a whiner, too

(The dog woke me up early, so I'm extra grumpy.)

A late-night post at Patrick McIlheran's blog (click the second link and look for "That's five family dining experiences at McDonald's" if the first gives you an error) complains about the cost of admission to the new Discovery World museum:
[I]t all sounds neat, and my kids are clamoring to go. When we will is unclear: At $16.95 for adults and $12.95 for children ages 3 to 17, it is expensive. In the case of my family, for instance, that's $73 a visit. It appears we could manage with a family membership for $65, but whether that includes parking isn't clear (otherwise, that's another $7 or so). And it would be on top of the $85 a year for the zoo membership and the $60 we'd pay for Milwaukee Public Museum membership if a dear friend didn't give that to us as a Christmas present.
And from there he comparison shops to the cost of other museums around the country, less airfare or gas money. His point: Discovery World is too expensive.

Does he note how the cost of admission or membership might be difficult for the average Milwaukee family--children of whom, I presume, are less likely to encounter science at home than McIlheran's kids? Does he lament how the cost of admission even for large school field trips could be a burden on children or cash-strapped public schools?

No; he complains about how much it costs him.

(To be fair, I haven't noted the prohibitive admission cost for Milwaukee's poorest families and schools yet myself, but neither have I whined how much it'll set me back when my family goes.)

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