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Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday Random Ten

The actually random, if you can believe that Edition

1. "Jesus on the Grille" Willy Porter from Dog Eared Dream
2. "Blackbirds" Erin McKeown from Live at the World Cafe
3. "Government Walls" James from James
4. "Keeping Awake" The Innocence Mission from Glow
5. "Just the Way That It Was" Vance Gilbert from Fugitives
6. "Painter's Eye" Erin Corday from Waterbug Anthology
7. "Alice's Champagne Palace" Ellis Paul from Live at High Noon Saloon
8. "Back Door Man" Sarah McLachlan from Solace
9. "Too Bad" Patty Larkin from Red = Luck
10. "Angel from Montgomery" Susan Tedeschi from Just Won't Burn

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