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Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Random Ten

The I'm so tired Edition

1. "Cheeseballs in Cowtown" Béla Fleck from Tales from the Acoustic Planet
2. "Mad Mission" Patty Griffin from A Kiss in Time
3. "Broken Things" Lucy Kaplansky from Every Single Day
4. "Have it All" Jeremy Kay from Scrubs Soundtrack
5. "Alleluia" Dar Williams from The Honesty Room
6. "Enola Gay" Kate McDonnell from Next
7. "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" Kris Kristofferson from Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert
8. "(You Gotta Have) Heart" Peggy Lee from Fever and Other Hits
9. "Bluer State" John Gorka from Writing in the Margins
10. "Me and Jane Rosetti" Larry Zarella from Laz

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