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Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Random Ten

The Reunion Weekend Edition
Part of this weekend, for me, will be at the alma matter for reunion weekend. See if you can guess how many years it's been.

1. "Pretend" Mark Erelli from Hillbilly Pilgrim
2. "Ten Little Kids" The Jayhawks from Tomorrow the Green Grass
3. "Ten Year Night" Lucy Kaplansky from Ten Year Night
4. "Tender Blindspot" Peter Mulvey from The Trouble with Poets
5. "Bartender" Dave Mathews Band from Busted Stuff
6. "Flight Attendant" Josh Rouse from 1972
7. "Rotary Ten" REM from Automatic for the People
8. "Ten Ton Chain" Fred Eaglesmith from 50 Odd Dollars
9. "Listen for the Laugh" Bruce Cockburn from Anything Anytime Anywhere
10. "Taking it all to Tennessee" Vance Gilbert from Somerville Live

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