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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Why am I running for Congress???

Hello. I am Bryan Kennedy and I am running for US House of Representatives in the WI-5 district. I will oust House Judiciary Chair Jim Sensenbrenner in November, 2006. This is my second try, having run in the 2004 cycle, as well. For those unfamiliar with my race, last year I received 130,000 votes. In many districts, that would have been enough to win, but we had an extraordinarily high turnout. I believe that next year will be closer to normal turnout and by mobilizing the 130,000 supporters from last year and by changing the minds of another 20,000 or so I will win.

Today I will explain why I am running. Over the next few days I will touch on an issue that comes up regularly in campaigning--the intersection of my religious faith and my political stands on issues.

Why am I running? Change, change, change, change. Change the control of Congress. Change the accountability of Congress. Change the direction of Congress. Change the face of Congress.

2006 will be an anti-incumbent year. I do not believe it will be a good year to be a Republican or Democratic incumbent in Congress. The American people are fed up with a a corrupt Republican leadership and a "do nothing" Democratic opposition. I believe that we will see a "throw the bums out" revolution at the ballot box next November. There are a lot of Republicans that I believe should get the boot, but there are also a few Democrats who should be shown the door.

We need a Congress composed of people from all walks of life and that reflects the values of the American people, not extremists. We need a legislature that will truly fight for the people and not cowtow to special interest groups. The next Congress must pass: legislation that keeps the American people safe while also protecting our Constitutional rights and liberties; legislation that fosters stronger communities; legislation that improves our public schools; budgets that are in balance; campaign finance and redistricting reforms; and legislation that reflects the good old American ethic of "If you work hard and play by the rules, you will get ahead."

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