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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

O'Hare doesn't have WiFi

Seriously, people, how can the busiest frickin airport in the world not have WiFi?

This is especially important for a growing class of people: bloggers whose flights have been canceled. Look, we've been on planes and in airports all day, and then you put us on standby for a flight two hours after the one you unceremoniously canceled, which was our last connection. And we want to be able to log on right now to tell the world how much your airline sucks rocks. And there's no WiFi. What up with that?

I mean, I haven't seen nary a glimpse of the internets since this morning in the hotel. The hotel had WiFi!* How do I know what's going on? How can obsessively check my SiteMeter? How can I engage in witty banter with my reader? Aiiieee!

I'd suggest we start a boycott, if I knew whom to blame.

Anyway, readers, what'd I miss?

*Fessing up: I didn't use the hotel's WiFi. Someone somewhere nearby had an un-password-protected wireless network (named "linksys," heh) that I poached for free all weekend. I only have slight guilt.

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