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Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday Random Ten

The Here we go now, 1 2 3 Edition

1. "3 Good Reasons" Sons of the Never Wrong from 3 Good Reasons
2. "16 Days" Whiskeytown from Strangers Almanac
3. "29 Cent Head" Peter Mulvey*** from Kitchen Radio
4. "32 Flavors" Ani DiFranco from Not a Pretty Girl
5. "41 Thunderer" Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer from Drum Hat Buddha
6. "88 Keys" Cosy Sheridan from Waterbug Anthology 2
7. "100 Years" Blues Traveler from Blues Traveler
8. "3000 Miles" Ellis Paul from Stories
9. "10,000,000 Miles" Patty Griffin from A Kiss in Time
10. "An Infinite Number of Occasional Tables" Les Barker from Waterbug Anthology 2

*** If anyone wants to join me at my internet friend Paul's house tonight to see Peter Mulvey live and up close, there's more info here.

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