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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Guest Blogger Introduction

Well, I have arrived. While most guest bloggers probably started on the 21st, I was busy riding a dune buggy across the parched sands of Paracas Peru, in transit to my parents from my home in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (I could only redeem those frequent flier miles out of Lima.)

My choice as a guest blogger on this site might seem odd. Though I was a teacher in MPS for five years, a certain article of mine that appeared in Milwaukee Magazine prior to the 2004 school year, in which I criticized teachers about complaining about pay, would seem to disqualify me from the ranks of those who could contribute to this site. Nevertheless, I think I can contribute. Another article of mine which appeared in the October issue of Milwaukee Magazine examined school-choice, and the real reasons why parents choose schools. (It's not the common myth that the best schools actually get the students)

In particular, I hope to use my time as a guest blogger to examine ways that I think the MTEA can change, to better position itself to garner the support of the Milwaukee community and avoid the difficulties they had in the last contract negotiation. If they're smart, I think they can use their resources to effectively improve the position of public school teachers and children. More tomorrow. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays.

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