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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Have a happy holiday of choice!

That's what I often say. I almost never say "Merry Christmas." Is it because I hate Christmas, or because, as Bill O'Reilly has suggested, George Soros is paying me to undermine Christian morals in this country? No. It's because I think it's polite to wish that others have joyous celebrations in the manner that they find best for themselves, rather than insist that they only celebrate the way I do.

I mean, would I go around telling people "Happy Birthday!" on my birthday? No, that's kind of silly. They should celebrate their birthdays on the anniversary of when they were born in a manner that pleases them.

This is why I think the whole "War on Christmas" crap is crap. I agree with Annie Laurie Gaylor, quoted in the linked article from the Milwaukee paper, as saying "the campaign a 'big phony ruse' created by [Jerry] Falwell and others to attract attention and do some fund-raising." It's true that the right is getting a lot of mileage out of this--my mother, who listens to Rush and Hannity, was convinced when we saw her at Thanksgiving that Christmas was on the verge of being canceled.

Christmas won't be canceled, and Christians around the country will--and should--be able to engage in whatever private and meaningful ceremonies are important to them. When the ACLU starts barging into people's houses telling them to take the angels off their trees, I'll stop sending the ACLU money. Until then, offended Christians need to stop being so self-centered about this, and enjoy their holiday of choice in peace.

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