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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

With all recalls done, Dems real winners

by folkbum

When Democrats failed to retake the state senate last week, the GOP declared victory. Why, I don't know, because the results show a pretty dim picture for the party of Scott Walker here in Wisconsin.

In just raw numbers, nine senators were recalled, and though two-thirds were GOP incumbents, Democrats took five of those elections. Moreover, every single Democrat outperformed Walker and Prosser--the two most recent Republican (supreme court is non-partisan, but who are we kidding) winners.

There is no sense that momentum has slowed. The volunteers and organizers who have been spearheading these recall efforts, and maintaining the strength of the #wiunion movement, seem at this point indefatigable.

So, congratulations to Senators Wirch and Holperin for tonight's win, and to everyone who worked had to make this happen.

Don't let anyone tell you this was a win for Republicans. Period.

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