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Monday, August 22, 2011

Not Liked

By Keith R. Schmitz

One thing you have to say about the right wing, they are active on social media, even if their policies are not too sociable. Sarah Palin comes to mind.

Scott Walker is one big Facebook friend, commenting multiple times a day to his fawning legion of supporters, who are seemingly afflicted big time with Stockholm Syndrome.

So interesting to note that since the bad jobless numbers came out last week Thursday, Walker has been strangely mute on Facebook. Not a peep since Friday.

Which is too bad when you think of it because you have to wonder where his friends are from the WMC? You would think that after Walker showered them with numerous goodies in the state budget and whacking public employee unions that they hate so much, his buddies would have reciprocated by at least bringing on some new employees to soften these numbers.

After all, these major companies are no doubt among those US firms that are sitting on $1.2T in cash. You would think that here in Wisconsin they would have used some of that to buy Walker some credibility.

But it looks like they are casting their lot in making the President look bad, which may result in collateral damage here in Wisconsin.

With friends like this...

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