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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Live Blogging from State Dem Fouder's Dinner -- Deval Patrick

Couple of snips from his keynote tonight.

Addressing the issue of ending collective bargaining in Mass. -- will not happen on my watch. I will not all Mass. to be a pawn in the National Republican's plan to end public employee unions.

He points out that with labor at the table we have closed our budget gap and maintained services. A strong reaction to the gloating by the GOP-- and the state GOP -- over the vote in the Mass state assembly last week.

He did a tweak at idea that if collective bargaining is so bad, why are GOP governors making exceptions for police and fire unions.

Democrats, he points out, should talk about what we are for, not for what they are against. If we want to earn the privilege to lead, they need to grow a back bone for what they believe in -- equality, fair play, believe in people and not winning at any cost, and again, the right to collective bargain. Working people need to be able to shape their own destiny.

In times of crisis, we should turn to each other and not on each other.

"The GOP thinks elections are about their party, we feel they are about our country."

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