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Friday, April 01, 2011

Consistency was never their strong suit--unless it is

by folkbum

Do you all remember four years ago, when the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote this in endorsing the parent advocate and outsider candidate over long-serving former board member Bruce Thompson, for the citywide school board seat?
Brown-Grice is a newcomer who is well-informed about what makes for successful schools. She appears ready to make the tough decisions needed to get the district on track. The Milwaukee School Board needs fresh ideas, which is why we favor newcomer Bama Brown-Grice.
Of course you don't, because that's what they said today, endorsing Susan Schmidt over (folkbum-endorsed) Terry Falk. Four years ago, it was good to be an insider like Thompson and bad to be a parent advocate. It was good to be an insider like incumbent Joe Dannecker instead of a guy who, by their own admission, "brims with ideas" and "wants to bridge the gap between board policies and classroom reality."

The consistency is not in their position on relative outsideriness or the value of parental advocacy, I guess. The common thread here is voucher advocacy--Schmidt, Dannecker, and Thompson have all stood squarely on the pro-voucher side of things where, not coincidentally, the Journal Sentinel Ed Board also stands.

Seems like they should just admit that that's their criterion already.

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