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Monday, March 07, 2011

A report from the Vukmir/ Sensenbrenner town hall

by folkbum

I remember when citizen complaints at town halls were all the rage! From a faithful correspondent:
It started at 6:38PM and ended abruptly at 7:02PM when Senator Vukmir said, "we are not taking away your collective bargaining rights..." uproar, uproar, "the tools...blah, blah" more uproar and then the meeting was called off do to lack of control in the room. Excellent questions were asked and the politicians talked, but didn't answer.

Also in my inbox, from a different correspondent, a few towns west:
I can report from outside the Sykes event a big, boisterous crowd including firefighters. I would estimate at least 500??? As they entered the doors, Charlie scooped up Scott and carried him in his arms over the threshold.
The veracity of that last part is in question, until I see photos.

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