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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Democrat Jacquerie? As if.

By bert

The right-wing conspiracy's talking point right now -- deployed to stay on offense in light of their indefensible vote against the middle class last night -- is that Gov. Scott Walker's opposition is now a dangerous mob unleashed by the democratic party. The hippies at the capitol square are dangerous! Protect our womenfolk!

As we chew gum and file our nails, let's dispatch with this flimsy con job.

Point number one: The charge has no substance. The degree to which such a large and sustained crowd has stayed peaceful over these weeks is freaky. I think its most recent analogue goes all the way back to the era of Dr. Martin Luther King.

However, even more remarkable is the degree of restraint in tandem with resolve shown since this provocative act by the Senate Republicans last evening. Since right-wing radio has taught it is okay to just pull charges out of our tuckus, I proclaim Scott Fitzgerald's anti-democratic and law-flaunting tactics were intended to provoke his enemies to commit self-defeating acts of anger.

But after a tense night, there continue to be no arrests nor widespread damage. I say count your blessings. If ugly things had happened it would be on the Republican/right-wing squadristi's head because they could have foreseen that outcome. Instead, Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain continues to note that up to now the demonstrators deserve only praise for maintaining peace.
We appreciate the conduct of the people on the square so far, and we hope those continuing to come can continue to be civil with one another.
Point number two: Look who's talking? The right has come closer to actively fomenting mayhem. The most obvious example is Gov. Walker's unwitting admission to the famous prank caller that "we thought about that" when the blogger imitating outside well-healed agitator David Koch suggested "planting some trouble makers".

We also have the case of the Indiana assistant attorney general who called for live ammunition to be used on the Madison protesters.

Since the tea party summer is still a fresh memory, it seems mighty rich for right-wing radio to now be decrying these Madison protesters as dangerous mobs. How 'bout U.S. Rep. James Sensenbrenner cutting short his town hall meeting on Wednesday in Wauwatosa because it included loud interruptions by critics of Republicans?

Charlie Sykes presided over a forum that same Wednesday night that featured booing and heckling of Mayor Tom Barrett. If Sykes had then -- like Sensenbrenner -- told the audience to "shut up" and closed down his forum early, the subsequent outburst from his Republian audience would have outdone the (peaceful) outburst that closed Sensenbrenner's forum in Wauwatosa.

We know what right-wing protesters are capable of. Hey, that reminds me. How many counter-protesters at Madison have had their head stomped on?

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