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Wednesday, February 09, 2011


by folkbum

Consider this a bit of an update to my post below about the unwisability of splitting the Milwaukee Public Schools into smaller districts. Erin Richards' more updated story is here; the MPS teacher's union response is here (.doc).

However, one thing that struck me reading Richards's initial bloggy story on the WEAC proposal, and which is missing from the printed and online versions today, is the way the story closed:
As for the reconfiguration of MPS, [WEAC President Mary] Bell called for legislators to convene a bipartisan group of lawmakers, teachers, parents and community groups to come up with a detailed legislative proposal by July of 2012 to split up the district.

Bell said these discussions would be used as a "moral compass" for deciding what's best for Milwaukee families.
Note that last part: They--it's unclear who--they will be "deciding what's best for Milwaukee," not Milwaukee deciding what's best. And this is a big part of why I have a problem with it.

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