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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I have no voice and I must blog

by folkbum

Seeing the doctor today, but haven't had any voice at all, basically, since Sunday (and it was rapidly deteriorating before that). However, some things of note:

• In a follow-up to the Advocates for Student Achievement story that I was following last year: The group agreed to a $5000 settlement after likely breaking campaign regulations.
• Paul Ryan had an op-ed in Monday's Wall Street Journal on health care that, as regular readers of this blog are probably not surprised to learn, was full of falsehoods and other misleading statements.
• One disturbing thing I had not realized about the Obama-Duncan revision to ESEA (known to you folks as "No Child Left Behind") is that while the overall Dept of Education budget for schools in increasing, "the funding for formula grants DROPS by half a billion to 20.3, while that for competitive grants almost doubles to 7.8 billion." In other words, they want states and districts to jump through more stupid Race to the Top-like hoops just to equal their current levels of funding, let alone deal with the effects of the current crappy economy on local school funding sources.

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