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Friday, September 11, 2009

Fan of Buying Local?

By Keith R. Schmitz

A bunch of us have been bringing on people for membership of the Open Book bookstore cooperative in Shorewood and yesterday we got a bit of good news.

Roundy's has provided us the opportunity to occupy the former Harry W. Schwartz location at 4093 N. Oakland Ave. We had some amazing cooperation from the real estate staff with Roundy's and this enables us to have time to find a permanent location in Shorewood.

Still living among us are people who like to go to a store to browse, buy books, hang out and chill. We are not yet taking our food in a pill.

But, we are halfway to the $100,000 we need to open the store in November, and by next week Tuesday we have to start buying books and building bookshelves. We need to go into next week with a substantial boost in membership totals. Join the 300 who have signed up already.

If the idea of a community owned bookstore, complete with a coffee shop featuring locally roasted coffee, sounds like a good idea to you, go to

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