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Sunday, September 13, 2009

By Comparison

by folkbum

Illy-T points out that the Badgers game yesterday drew a bigger crowd than the big 9/12 protest march on Washington, DC, yesterday. The march had maybe 75,000 people, which is a respectable number. However, it was also promoted for six months straight by FOX News and the various astroturf organizations (it was the guy from FreedomWorks, Dick Armey's outfit, who lied and said ABC news pegged attendance at over a million).

But, for comparison:
  • Nightly viewers of Glenn Beck's TV program: 3.3 million. (Remember, the 9/12 project is Beck's baby!)
  • International A.N.S.W.E.R.'s anti-war march on Washington, 2005: 150,000
  • Rally for immigration reform in Los Angeles, 2006: 500,000
  • The March for Women's Lives abortion rights rally, in Washington: 800,000
  • Fighting Bob Fest this weekend--just a state-wide event, without any national news anchors shilling for it or corporate-sponsored PACs producing it: 8000

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