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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mathias for School Board

by folkbum

(Very late update: Apparently, the fact that the post below includes a typo and a colloquialism is a source of great amusement to simple-minded conservative trolls. Apologies if you were sent here expecting to be see some horrible and unspeakable human failure.)

Milwaukee's fourth school board district has been without representation since at least the first of the year and without effective representation for some time before that. The incumbent is running a quixotic (though less noble) write-in campaign and is likely to be defeated soundly in the primary.

The February 17 primary offers the voters some choices; my recommendation is Michael J. Mathias.

I've known Mathias for some years now as a member of the progressive blogging community here in Milwaukee. He is smart, her is a hella good writer, and he has a big heart and thoughtful mind. He has kids in MPS schools, including one with special needs. I've had a few conversations with him recently about this seat, and he has both a solid grasp on the issues and a sense that there is still a lot more to seek out and learn. He will not merely fill a seat on the board; he will be a tireless advocate for progress and the well-being of our children.

The astute among you will note that Mathias is not the candidate endorsed by my union, and you would be right. The thing is this: MTEA has endorsed a member of the union, which is not a bug surprise, but it could be bad thing. If she is elected and she remains a substitute teacher (and, given the comparatively low pay of the board, I wouldn't blame her), she will not be able to serve as a full member of the board, as she would have to recuse herself from any votes on contractual matters.

Mathias will have no such restrictions on his voting. Isn't it time the fourth district had full representation?

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